White Paper

Year-End Financial Planning: 5 Strategies to Help Avoid Financial Landmines

During the last three months of each year, the financial decisions you make (or don’t make) are particularly important, since many can’t be reversed or implemented after December 31.

Our guide highlights some of the most important financial strategies to consider before year end, helping you to maximize your financial situation and minimize lost opportunities.

Are you making the best decisions possible before heading into 2018? Find out. Enter your information and download the guide now.

What will you learn?
  • Must-know deadlines.
  • Why scheduling medical appointments now is important.
  • How to increase charitable tax deductions using appreciated securities.
  • Why you should consider using these expiring energy credits.
  • Tax-loss harvesting strategies even during this year’s bull market.
  • Additional taxes to pay now to reduce taxable income.
  • How employment transitions may create investment opportunities.