Join author and business leader Pamela F. Lenehan for this important discussion.

My Mother, My Mentor:
What Grown Children of Working Mothers
Want You to Know 

Thursday, June 16, 2016 | 5:30-7:30 PM
The Wellesley Country Club 

All mothers are working mothers. But ever since the 1960’s and 1970’s, many moms are also pursuing careers outside the home. Their stories—and their grown children’s stories—have long been absent from discussions on parenting and work-life balance. 

In her book, Pamela Lenehan documents the experiences, challenges, and advice of 68 mothers and grown children. She also unpacks survey data from more than 1,000 career moms. Her findings? Come and listen! 

This event is ideal for women who:

  • Work outside the home or have a daughter, sister, niece, or friend who does
  • Sometimes struggle to balance the demands of home and career
  • Have concerns about how career choices impact their families
  • Seek parenting strategies that work well, and need help with areas that warrant special attention

The Speaker:

Pamela F. Lenehan

My-Mother-My-Mentor-912356-edited.pngPamela F. Lenehan was one of the first female partners on Wall Street, a former C-suite executive of an NYSE company and a high tech startup. She combined her climb to the vanguard of business leadership with a passionate dedication to raising her children. Today, Ms. Lenehan has more than 30 years of strategic planning/financial management experience. She is the author of two books: "What You Don’t Know and Your Boss Won’t Tell You: Advice from Senior Female Executives on What You Need to Succeed," and “My Mother, My Mentor: What Grown Children of Working Mothers Want You to Know.” 

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*Please note denim of any kind is prohibited at the Wellesley Country Club. Click here to view the full dress code.