White Paper

A Guide to Succession Planning for Small Business Owners

5 Key Considerations to Help Ensure Business Continuity & Lasting Wealth upon Exiting Your Business

Are you consumed with running your business, leaving little time to develop a business succession and exit plan?

A wonderful opportunity to sell your business comes along. Or unfortunately, there is an unforeseen illness or death. The lack of a plan could mean that your family and employees will suffer financially. What’s more, your hard work doesn’t always equate to a high payout upon retirement, at least not without the help of a plan.

Are you taking the necessary steps to protect your family and business as well as to ensure the income you need in retirement? Find out. Enter your information and download the guide now.


This guide outlines five steps for business owners to take that’ll help you transition your business operations smoothly, and increase the likelihood of receiving the financial reward you deserve.

These steps include:
  • Identify Short & Long-Term Objectives
  • Determine How Much Money You Need
  • Obtain a Business Valuation
  • Enhance the Value of Your Business
  • Obtain Professional Financial & Legal Advice