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President-Elect Trump’s Unlikely Victory

With the election of Donald Trump, we enter uncharted territory that extends beyond financial markets. Will the new President really order the building of a wall across our Southern border? Will he introduce legislation that will nullify the...

The Hidden Costs of a Divorce: Expert Advice on Key Financial Considerations

In 2014, more than 4.2 million Americans got married. And more than 1.6 million got divorced [i]. That means a lot of families are dealing with significant, often unexpected financial consequences. Their questions and concerns about some unforeseen...

$5,000,000 Metaphors

“I'm the king of a cow! And I'm the king of a mule!  I'm the king of a house! And, what's more, beyond that I'm the king of a blueberry bush and a cat!” 

Should Politics Play a Role in Your Financial Plan?

Will having a Republican in the White House mean less tax regulation? Will a Democratic administration result in a thriving economy? These are compelling questions… without clear answers, which is part of the reason why politics should not play into...

Women & Wealth: Our Ongoing Event Series

The GW & Wade Women and Wealth team hosted two events this past June, which energized...and engaged all who attended.   

Don’t Sleep on Tax Management: Talk to Your Advisor this Summer

“Tax management in July? Sounds like fun!” said no one…EVER! But that doesn’t mean a mid-year tax review is a bad idea. In fact, the key to effective tax planning is to anticipate. Lots of things happen during the course of the year that can impact...

Brexit and Your Investments: GW & Wade Advisors Weigh In

How Will Brexit Affect Your Financial Plans?  Since the UK voted to leave the European Union—a surprising move that has had markets reeling—many US investors are wondering what the fallout will mean for their investments and financial plans. 

GW & Wade Stands Apart Among Established Wealth Management Firms

There’s a new flag flying over our office in Wellesley, Massachusetts. It’s modest in size—just a few feet square. The flag is a 30th birthday reminder for our team and clients here at GW & Wade, a wealth management firm founded on a simple premise.

Avoiding IRS Scam Artists

We want to alert you to an increase in fraudulent calls from people purporting to be Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents. These callers can be aggressive and persistent. The callers typically say they represent the IRS and that there is a judgment...

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Several of the most volatile weeks in the history of the stock market are behind us. To offer some perspective, let’s take a look back before we look ahead. 

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