How to Use Business Succession Planning to Fund Retirement

01/23/2017 By James Da Silva, GW & Wade Principal

Fund Retirement Using Business SuccessionWhat All Small Business Owners Need to Know

Are you one of the countless small business owners who need to sell your business to fund your retirement? If so, then preparing a business exit and succession plan is critical.

Social Security: What You Need to Know

01/12/2017 By Timothy Pinch, GW & Wade Principal

GW & Wade recently hosted a presentation in Wellesley, MA called: Securing Your Retirement: Transforming Social Security into a Winning Retirement Strategy. With humor and deep knowledge of the Social Security system, our presenter, Rob Kron, Head of Investment and Retirement Education for BlackRock, discussed some of the opportunities and pitfalls of filing for this benefit. One important point is to understand that Social Security benefits MUST be planned out in the broader context of..

Post Election: 5 Areas for Year-End Tax & Financial Planning

11/28/2016 By Ryan Bartholomew, GW & Wade Counselor

For most people, the flurry of activity between November and New Year’s doesn’t leave much room for non-holiday errands. And yet right now is a crucial window for reviewing your goals and engaging in strategic tax and financial planning. If you’re not already in the habit of semi-annual check-ins with your financial advisor, December is prime time to schedule your next meeting. Here are five items that should be on the agenda: 

Robo Advisors vs. Financial Advisors: Who’s Minding Your Money?

11/17/2016 By Laurie Wexler Gerber, GW & Wade Client Development Manager

Robo advisors vs. financial advisors (the living, breathing kind): it’s a comparison that has captured a lot of attention in recent months. And although the question of trusting one’s portfolio to an online tool may seem like a non-issue for seasoned investors, a lot of younger families are eager to explore the lower-cost option.

President-Elect Trump’s Unlikely Victory

11/09/2016 By Laurie Wexler Gerber, GW & Wade Client Development Manager

With the election of Donald Trump, we enter uncharted territory that extends beyond financial markets. Will the new President really order the building of a wall across our Southern border? Will he introduce legislation that will nullify the Affordable Care Act—and if so, what happens to those Americans with pre-existing health conditions?  Are our allies abroad really going to have to renegotiate their trade and security arrangements with the world’s superpower?  Do taxpaying non-citizens..

The Hidden Costs of a Divorce: Expert Advice on Key Financial Considerations

10/11/2016 By Laurie Wexler Gerber, GW & Wade Client Development Manager

In 2014, more than 4.2 million Americans got married. And more than 1.6 million got divorced [i]. That means a lot of families are dealing with significant, often unexpected financial consequences. Their questions and concerns about some unforeseen costs of their divorce are the inspiration for this post.

$5,000,000 Metaphors

09/20/2016 By James Da Silva, GW & Wade Principal

“I'm the king of a cow! And I'm the king of a mule! 

I'm the king of a house! And, what's more, beyond that

I'm the king of a blueberry bush and a cat!” 

Should Politics Play a Role in Your Financial Plan?

08/15/2016 By Laurie Wexler Gerber, GW & Wade Client Development Manager

Will having a Republican in the White House mean less tax regulation? Will a Democratic administration result in a thriving economy? These are compelling questions… without clear answers, which is part of the reason why politics should not play into your financial plan. It’s impossible to say which campaign promises will get passed, or how the markets will react (although, if you’re into macroeconomics and regression analyses, there are several interesting studies that explore how political..

Women & Wealth: Our Ongoing Event Series

07/21/2016 By Meg Gaisford Welborn, GW & Wade Counselor

The GW & Wade Women and Wealth team hosted two events this past June, which energized...and engaged all who attended.   

Don’t Sleep on Tax Management: Talk to Your Advisor this Summer

07/14/2016 By Gerry Polcari

“Tax management in July? Sounds like fun!” said no one…EVER!

But that doesn’t mean a mid-year tax review is a bad idea.

In fact, the key to effective tax planning is to anticipate. Lots of things happen during the course of the year that can impact your taxes: a new job, a new home, dozens of seemingly smaller financial events. If you postpone tax conversations until January, the best your advisor can do is mop up after the fact.

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