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Ins & Outs of Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

It’s likely you have seen a lot of commentary regarding blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Yet, many individual investors have a difficult time understanding these new technologies and their relevancy. Beyond the hype, we think there is...

3 Steps to Financial Empowerment for Women

Think for a moment about the word “empowerment.”  What does it mean to you? Can you think of a time in your life when you felt empowered?  When I hear the word empowerment, and specifically how it applies to women, I think of a strong, confident...

GW & Wade's Commentary on Market Volatility

Markets rise, markets fall – Is this time different?  The recent return of market volatility has unnerved investors. We offer the following commentary on staying the course and not making sudden changes to your portfolio. Through January, the equity...

Should You Pay Off a Mortgage Early or Invest the Money?

Mortgages are often referred to as good debt. However, when faced with the opportunity to pay off your mortgage early or invest your money in the financial markets, which option should you choose?

Women & Wealth: Sharing Your Wealth (Part III)

Women and Wealth: Parts I and II focused on getting your “financial house” in order. These posts offered our suggestions for improving financial literacy for women – with insight into cash flow and the importance of diversifying asset groups in your...

4 Useful Financial Resolutions for 2018

Now that 2018 is here, it’s time to start thinking about your financial resolutions. Financial reflection is certainly not limited to January. Still, it is a popular time when life slows down from the bustle of the holidays and the early weeks of...

What You Need to Know About the New Tax Bill

As we approach year-end, Congress has passed a new tax bill that will dramatically change the tax code beginning in 2018. The major changes include new tax brackets, lower top marginal tax rates, and significant changes to taxpayer deductions. For...

Women & Wealth: Insight for Action (Part II)

What do women want to understand about wealth? What better way to understand than to ask them? So we did. Here is what some of our clients said:

7 Smart Year-End Financial Moves

No matter where you’re at in life, it’s important to revisit your financial situation before the end of the year. In fact, there are some financial moves that need to occur by December 31 or you run the risk of losing savings and missing tax...

Women & Wealth: A View From the Front Line (Part I)

Investing can be overwhelming.......  It consists of a specific and technical language. It exists within a 24 x 7 news cycle of events, far beyond any one person’s control, often with direct impact on your financial well-being. Behavioral...

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