Should Politics Play a Role in Your Financial Plan?
August 15, 2016

Will having a Republican in the White House mean less tax regulation? Will a Democratic administration result in a thriving economy? These are...

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Women & Wealth

Women & Wealth: Our Ongoing Event Series
July 21, 2016

The GW & Wade Women and Wealth team hosted two events this past June, which energized...and engaged all who attended.   

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Don’t Sleep on Tax Management: Talk to Your Advisor this Summer
July 14, 2016

“Tax management in July? Sounds like fun!” said no one…EVER!

But that doesn’t mean a mid-year tax review is a bad idea.

In fact, the key to effective

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Brexit and Your Investments: GW & Wade Advisors Weigh In
June 29, 2016

How Will Brexit Affect Your Financial Plans? 

Since the UK voted to leave the European Union—a surprising move that has had markets reeling—many US...

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GW & Wade Stands Apart Among Established Wealth Management Firms
June 6, 2016

There’s a new flag flying over our office in Wellesley, Massachusetts. It’s modest in size—just a few feet square. The flag is a 30th birthday...

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Avoiding IRS Scam Artists
February 22, 2016

We want to alert you to an increase in fraudulent calls from people purporting to be Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents. These callers can be...

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Looking Back and Looking Ahead
January 21, 2016

Several of the most volatile weeks in the history of the stock market are behind us. To offer some perspective, let’s take a look back before we look...

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Women & Wealth Wine Tasting: Tune out the Noise and Tune into Your Long-Term Goals
November 29, 2015

GW & Wade’s Women and Wealth recently hosted a Wine Tasting Event for GWW women clients and guests at Sip in Boston’s Back Bay. The tasting featured...

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The Paris Attacks
November 16, 2015

We watched news coverage of the terrorist attacks in Paris with a mixture of horror and dread. The horror was our usual response to terrorism, the...

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Fraud Protection Checklist
February 25, 2015

Cyber fraud continues to escalate and is becoming more sophisticated. These threats take various forms, including email scams (e.g. phishing), where...

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Tax Considerations For An Equity Exit

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