Women & Wealth | May 24, 2021

GW & Wade’s Women & Wealth Program Featured in the June Issue of Vanity Fair

by  Laurie Wexler Gerber, MBA, Director of Marketing

In 2016, GW & Wade developed a unique Women & Wealth program to help women feel more confident about their financial future. Our Women & Wealth program advises women on how to build a vision of a financially secure future and make the most of their financial lives.

GW & Wade is proud to announce that the Women & Wealth program is featured in the June 2021 issue of Vanity Fair. We applaud the women of GW & Wade for their efforts in supporting women along their financial journeys. Don’t miss the June issue of Vanity Fair!

See our feature in Vanity Fair here

Women & Wealth

Laurie Wexler Gerber, MBA

Director of Marketing


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