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Kelli Adams has been with GW & Wade since 2005. Kelli brings her expertise in tax, investment, and retirement planning to her clients. Prior to GW & Wade, Kelli specialized in taxation and investments at State Street Corporation. She currently provides tax, investment and retirement advice to executives and young professionals.

3 Steps to Financial Empowerment for Women

03/07/2018 Authored by Kelli A. Adams, GW & Wade Counselor

Think for a moment about the word “empowerment.”  What does it mean to you?Can you think of a time in your life when you felt empowered? 

When I hear the word empowerment, and specifically how it applies to women, I think of a strong, confident woman who is in control of a situation. It’s knowing exactly what she wants and following a plan to achieve that goal. When she feels empowered in her financial life, it allows her to make more confident decisions as it pertains to earning, spending,..

The Allowance Conundrum: Strategies to Help Teach Kids the Value of Money

09/05/2017 Authored by Kelli A. Adams, GW & Wade Counselor

Are you contemplating or currently giving your children an allowance? You're not alone. In fact, roughly seven in 10 parents give their children an allowance[i]. For many parents, teaching children the value of money by using an allowance can be quite challenging.

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