GW & Wade's Q4 Economic & Market Commentary

01/15/2019 By The GW & Wade Investment Committee

The fourth quarter began on an upbeat note for U.S. equity markets as participants responded positively to a deal forged by the U.S. and Canada to salvage NAFTA as a trilateral pact with Mexico, rescuing a three-country, $1.2 trillion open-trade zone that had been about to collapse after nearly a quarter century.  Volatility, however, quickly returned as investors worried about late cycle dynamics, seemingly focusing more on earnings growth sustainability than on generally strong third..

2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: What You Need to Know and Do Before Year-End

12/10/2018 By John LeVangie, GW & Wade Advisor

At the end of 2017, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law. This law made significant changes to our tax code that changed or eliminated many deductions and changed the landscape of tax planning opportunities. As we near year-end, it is important to understand which planning opportunities changed, which techniques were eliminated, and to discover the new strategies that may be available to you.

Midterm Elections - Control of the House Has Changed Hands. Now what?

11/12/2018 By Barry J. Morgan, GW & Wade Counselor

The change of control in the U.S. House of Representatives is unlikely to have a major impact on the business cycle unless there is a meaningful impact on taxation or spending. We don’t think either is likely. Most of the new laws enacted by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act expire in 2025. This expiration date is not expected to change under the split congress. That said, the so called "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 2.0" which, among other things, would have made many of those individual cuts permanent, is..

The Who, When, What and How of Charitable Giving

10/25/2018 By Meg Gaisford Welborn, GW & Wade Counselor

Many of our clients give to charitable organizations, but may wonder if there are better ways to maximize the impact of their altruistic efforts, both from their own perspective and that of their organization. If you fall into this camp, this post is for you. We explore the Who, When, What and How of charitable giving strategies and discuss the best ways to navigate the recent relevant tax law changes.

529 Plans: They’re Not Just for College Anymore

10/22/2018 By Robert J. Emens, GW & Wade Principal

Have you heard about the recent changes to 529 education plans? The benefits under 529 plans have expanded for 2018, and beyond. Now parents and grandparents are in a better position to help their children plan ahead for education expenses and potentially lower their taxable estate. 

GW & Wade's Q3 Economic & Market Commentary

10/15/2018 By The GW & Wade Investment Committee

U.S. Economy  

Recent Developments: 

Evidence continued to mount that U.S. economic growth was poised to remain solid in the second half of 2018.  Real GDP appeared set to average a 3% pace during the third quarter, led by continued growth in consumer spending and strong gains in business fixed investment.

Financial Planning Strategies Every Caregiver & Parent Needs to Know

09/15/2018 By John S. Murray, GW & Wade Principal

When you were young, you looked to your parents to take care of you. However, at some point, the tides may change, and it may be your turn to look after your parents’ best interests. Though planning for long-term care may not be a priority now, entering this phase of life is usually inevitable.  

4 Things That Will Shake Up Your Retirement Plan

08/31/2018 By Laurie Wexler Gerber, GW & Wade Client Development Manager

While the media tends to focus on the many Americans who are completely unprepared for retirement, not every household has postponed a retirement savings agenda until midlife. According to a Princeton Research Associates survey[1], about 10 percent of respondents said they started saving for retirement in their teens. Nearly one-quarter (23 percent) started saving in their 20s, and 14 percent began in their 30s.

GW & Wade's Q2 Economic & Market Commentary

07/17/2018 By The GW & Wade Investment Committee

U.S. Economy  

Recent Developments: 

The U.S. economy has been firing on all cylinders, helped along by a strong rebound in household spending, business investment, and surprising strength in net exports. Unemployment continues to fall, wages are rising, and home and stock values remain high. Household wealth has been growing which is keeping consumer confidence high. These factors have lifted Americans’ spirits, along with a tax cut that has put more money in many Americans’ pockets each..

Will You Be Ready to Retire? What You Need to Be Saving in Your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s & Beyond

06/20/2018 By Eric H. Rosenberg, GW & Wade Principal

57% of workers say saving for retirement is their top financial priority and close to 59% expect their standard of living in their golden years to be the same or even better[1]. Yet Americans give themselves a C when it comes to preparing for retirement[2]. Most Americans save under 5% of their after-tax income each year for retirement according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis[3].

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